Live & Sample Strings Part 2

Skyko is pleased to announce the posting of the second part to his popular video, “LIVE AND SAMPLED STRINGS.” Skyko shares his engineering and production wizardry, explaining how he achieves such a broad, genuine, symphonic sound by mixing acoustic violins with orchestral samples.

Adding to the violin theme Skyko shared in Part 1, here Skyko performs the second theme and again walks us through how the sound grows as he adds duplicate violin tracks, mixing in 3 or 4 violins at a time until there are 24 violins playing the theme in unison.

Then Skyko takes us into his studio and shows how, by adding violin string samples playing the themes as well, a natural yet huge orchestral sound is achieved.

Finally, Skyko punches in the sequenced viola, contrabass, etc, tracks and presto – wood meets silicon with the depth of a full orchestra, all achieved by one man, one violin, and one computer!

Skyko offers these fun and informative videos for musicians, recording professionals and audiophiles alike.

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